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Who We Are. Digital Natives, Entrepreneurial & Creative minds

Dutch Standard incubates, accelerates and participates primarily in tech-based market leading propositions. Possessing many key global relationships, and presence in Central Europe and the San Francisco Bay Area, we are always on top of the latest trends and events in today's online world. Dutch Standard is interested in investing and participating in Internet start-ups, both seed-funding and beyond.

The Team. Versatile, Hands-on & Knowledgeable

Koen Bekkering Founding Partner
Concept & Product development, Business model & strategy creation / evaluation and focused on 'setting up shop'.

Also usually involved with tech, marketing, UI/UX and product development.

Boyd Sleeman Founding Partner
Commerce, Finance & strategic opportunities / partnerships.

Investor relations, advising on business models and (creating new) opportunities.

Stefan Vermeul Founding Partner
Business coaching, result driven, company structuring and restructuring, commercial deals & partnerships.
Also often involved in guiding the startups in setting up the company and creating a company culture.

Bram Kanstein Digital Go-Getter
Interactive product development experience combined with his creative spirit makes Bram a true digital go-getter. He uses his broad knowledge to advise on product development from a business perspective and likes tinkering with new ideas.


What we do.We boost entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is in our veins. It's just what we do, what we love and all we think about. We get involved with great ideas and even greater people. Both starting up and moving forward, we boost the entrepreneurship that's necessary to create awesome things. So no matter the stage you're in, we're interested to see what you got. Our goal is to work on Incubating, Accelerating and Participating in passionate people and great (future) businesses.


Each good idea needs great people to get the execution it needs. Taking the next step to becoming a company just takes a couple more ingredients.

We help your idea become a brand and offer workspace, legal, tech support and more to create a proposition worth investing in. We focus on tech oriented startups with their own development team. At Dutch Standard we also incubate our own startups.


We believe that change, innovations and partnerships are what drives the world today. Dutch Standard offers all the ingredients to accelerate change and innovation through our in-house resources or through our extensive network of partners.

So wether you are an existing company that needs our hands-on expertise to change it's business models or embark on new strategic partnerships, we are here for you.


Dutch Standard invests and participates in young startups and fast growing companies, mostly in the Netherlands with both national and international ambitions. Our partnerships are based on driven entrepreneurs with experience in their market, a clear value proposition and go-to-market strategy, with emphasis on synergy with the companies in our portfolio. We offer our participations hands-on support through capital and expertise in finance, commerce, tech, marketing and legal.

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